1 Canadian Air Division Chief Warrant Officer

Chief Warrant Officer J.J. Boucher, MMM, CD

Chief Warrant Officer JJ Boucher, MMM, CD

Chief Warrant Officer JJ Boucher, MMM, CD

Chief Warrant Officer Boucher enrolled in the Canadian Forces as a Supply Technician in November of 1982. Upon completion of recruit and trades training, his first posting was to 1 Canadian Forces Supply Depot at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Toronto. In December 1985 he was posted aboard HMCS Ottawa, which was then shored in Halifax NS. With HMCS Ottawa, he participated in a few NATO deployments. 2 ½ years later he was posted to CFB Shearwater where he worked at the Fleet Diving Unit.

He then re-mustered to Air Frame technician in 1988 and continued working at CFB Shearwater. There, he worked on the CH-124 Sea King, T-33 Silver Star and the CH-135 Twin-Huey. In 1990, he left Shearwater and joined 450 Sqadron in Ottawa to maintain the CH-135 Twin-Hueys, which were being utilized for the newly formed Special Emergency Response Team (SERT)(now Joint Task Force).

In 1996, while posted to St-Hubert following the disbandment of 450 Squadron, he was accepted to the Flight Engineer (FE) trade. Following his basic FE training, he was posted to his hometown with 430 Squadron in CFB Valcartier. In March 1997 he deployed to Haiti for 9 months, completed two back-to-back deployments and was promoted to MCpl in 1999. Shortly thereafter, he was appointed unit standards flight engineer. He deployed again in 1999, this time to Kosovo, where he again gained valuable in theatre flying experience.

When promoted to the rank of Sgt in 2001, he continued in his position as the 430 Sqadron Standards Flight Engineer until his fourth deployment in 2002, which was to Bosnia. In Bosnia, he served as the lead flight engineer. Soon after returning from his deployment he was posted to 438 Squadron as the Chief instructor & Standards Flight Engineer. In 2004, he returned to 430 Squadron and soon after was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer.  He then held the Flight Warrant Officer position.

In 2008, he volunteered to become the Senior Flight Engineer on the newly acquired CH-147D Chinooks. After having completed all his Chinook training with the US Army in the summer of 2008, he went to Afghanistan for two weeks to fly with the 101st Airborne in order to gain valuable combat flying experience with Chinooks. Soon afterwards, he was promoted to the rank of Master Warrant Officer and deployed to Afghanistan for 5 months to stand up our new capabilities with the Chinooks. Upon his return to Canada in 2009, he completed the US Army CH-147 Standards Flight Engineer course at Ft-Rucker, Alabama. Back home at 430 Squadron, he was working as the Operations MWO. In 2010, he redeployed to Afghanistan, this time for a 9 month period as the Senior Chinook FE. By 2011 he had accumulated over 3600 flying hours on rotary wings and hung his flight gear up for good. 

Promoted to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer in the summer of 2011, he was then posted to Ottawa as the Directorate of Flight Safety Chief Warrant Officer. In the winter of 2012, he moved office in National Defence Headquarters to become the Airborne Electronic Sensor Operator / Flight Engineer / Search and Rescue Technician Career Manager. In the summer of 2013 he was appointed as the first Air Operations Branch (CWO), followed by the appointed as the 1 Wing Chief Warrant Officer in 2014.  In the summer of 2017 CWO Boucher will move to Winnipeg to assume the role of the 1 Canadian Air Division/Canadian NORAD Region Chief Warrant Officer.