1 Wing Chief Warrant Officer

CWO David Fredette

CWO David Fredette

Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) David Fredette enrolled in the Canadian Forces under the Youth Training Employment Program in September 1983. After completion of recruit training at Canadian Forces base (CFB) Cornwallis and Mobile Support Equipment Operator training at CFB Borden, he was posted to 2 Service Battalion, CFB Petawawa.

In 1985, he attended Performance Orientated Electronics Training at CFB Kingston followed by QL 3 Communications and Radar Systems Tech training at CFSAOE in Borden. He was posted in 1986 to 414 (EW) Squadron, CFB North Bay where he worked on the CT-133 Silver Star, CF-101 Voodoo, CC-117 Falcon, and CC-144 Challenger aircraft. While posted to 414 (EW) Squadron he participated in numerous exercises in NAS Bermuda, Tyndall AFB, CFB Cold Lake and Baden, Germany.

In 1992, he was promoted to Master Corporal and posted to CFSAOE, CFB Borden where he instructed a variety of subjects including RADAR, Electronic Warfare, VHF Communications and Aircraft Battle Damage Repair. He also participated in the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council review of community college curriculums to standardize Avionics training.

In 2000, he was posted to 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron (THS), CFB Borden where he worked on the CH-146 Griffon Helicopter. During his posting to 400 Squadron, he was deployed to Bosnia with 430 Squadron as part of Operation (Op) Palladium.

CWO Fredette was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2002 and was posted to 1 Air Maintenance Squadron (AMS) Traditional Labs, Cold Lake. Two years later he was posted to 417 Combat Support (CS) Squadron as the Quality Manager and was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer (WO) in 2005. He remained with 417 Squadron as the LSO and SAMS.

In 2006 he was posted to the CFSCE, CFB Kingston as the 3 Squadron Troop WO responsible for Performance Orientated Electronics and Crypto Training.

CWO Fredette was promoted to the rank of Master Warrant Offcer (MWO) in 2008 and was posted to the DAEPM(TH)3 Weapon System Management detachment in Huntsville Alabama where he provided in-service support to CH-147D Chinook helicopters in Afghanistan. During his tour in Alabama, he was selected to attend the Paris Airshow as the representative for Canadian Army Helicopters. He also became a member of the Redstone Arsenal Sergeants Major Association and the Army Aviation Association of America. In 2010 he was posted to Directorate of Aerospace Equipment Program Management (Transport and Helicopters) 3 [DAEPM (TH) 3] Ottawa to prepare CH-147D Chinook repatriation and disposal plans.

In 2011, he was posted to the CH-146 Griffon Project cell as the Armament LCMM. As the Technical Authority for the new GAU-21 and M134D machine gun systems, he provided logistical and technical support to deployed systems as well as domestic in-service support to High Readiness Squadrons.

In January 2013 he was selected to assume the duties of the Acting DAEPM(TH) CWO. He was promoted to CWO in June 2013 and posted to 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron (SOAS) as the Squadron Chief Warrant Officer (SCWO) where he participated in several international deployments. 

In 2017 he successfully completed the Non-Commissioned Members Executive Professional ‎Development Program and was appointed 1 Wing CWO.