12 Air Maintenance Squadron

Whether embarked in a ship or ashore, the 12 Wing's 423 and 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadrons carry out their own day-to-day routine Aircraft servicing and maintenance.

The day-to-day maintenance for the two remaining flying units of 12 Wing - 406 Helicopter Training Squadron and the Helicopter Test and Evaluation Facility (HOTEF) is the responsibility of 12 Air Maintenance Squadron (AMS). As the spares depot for the Sea King fleet, 12 AMS also holds virtually all of the helicopter's unique spares.

12 AMS at 12 Wing Shearwater, provides Aircraft maintenance and engineering support to the operational, and training squadrons assigned to the Wing, whether operating from Shearwater or deployed.

The normal tour of duty at 12 Wing is four to six years. 12 AMS has an establishment of 411 personnel, including 12 Officers and 13 civilians. To provide this support, the Squadron is organized under a centralized maintenance concept with a Commanding Officer directing five sections.

The Maintenance Program is designed to ensure that the Aircraft are safe and airworthy. Every unserviceability and subsequent maintenance activity is entered into a database. The current planned maintenance cycles for the Sea King include:

  • Every 25 hours (33 hrs per month ashore - could be 2 days at sea) - at flight line;
  • Every 600 hours (approx. 1.5 years) - at 12 AMS/PMO; and,
  • Every 2400 hours (approx. 7 years) - at civilian contractor (overhaul).

The maintenance organizations (12 AMS and the SAMEOs for 423 and 443 Squadron) are linked due to the fact that 12 AMS trains technicians for operational squadrons, and technicians subsequently return from the operational squadrons to 12 AMS for their off-cycle postings. The training standard is unique and high in response to the need to operate at sea in deployed, constantly mobile, compartmentalized and isolated sub-units.

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12 Air Maintenance Squadron
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