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15 Wing Moose jaw is the home of the NATO Flying Training in Canada program (NFTC) This southern Saskatchewan city is also home to the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, Canada's celebrated air demonstration team.

15 Wing: Air Vice-Marshal C.M. McEwen Airfield Moose Jaw is undoubtedly the "Home of Military Pilot Training" and for good reason.

The Wing is the principle site of the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) program and is the home of both 2 Canadian Forces Flying Training School (The Big 2) and the world-famous Canadian Forces Snowbirds military air demonstration team.

The Wing's operations are a team effort between the Canadian Forces and civilian industry. The military provides headquarters staff, military flying instructors, air traffic controllers, medical, dental and military police services. Industry provides all other support, including aircraft maintenance, emergency services, grounds upkeep, airfield maintenance, food services, flight simulator and ground school instruction.

Since July 2000 a period of intense construction similar to that experienced during the heady days of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP)have again changed the face of the Wing. Pilot trainees from around the globe have joined their Canadian counterparts in the skies over southern Saskatchewan.

15 Wing focuses on people, leadership, innovation and cutting edge technology to uphold itself as an international Centre of Excellence for military pilot training.

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Named in honour of Air Vice-Marshal Clifford McKay McEwen of Moose Jaw whose service to our nation as a member of the Air Force spanned the decades from the First World War to the end of hostilities during the Second World War.

15 Wing can trace its roots back to the early days of the Second World War when the Moose Jaw Flying Club was contracted to train pilots for wartime service with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). Within months, this program was replaced by the greatest aircrew-training program of all time - the British Commonwealth Air Training Program (BCATP) saw the construction of what is today 15 Wing: McEwen Airfield.

Established as a Royal Air Force aerodrome, it graduated more than 1200 pilots for the Air Forces of Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand during the Second World War; five of whom received the Distinguished Flying Cross for their actions.

In 1952 the mounting pressures of the Cold War resulted in the Wing being reopened to train pilots for Canada and its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies utilising both single-prop Harvard and Silver Star jet training aircraft. By the mid-1960's these were replaced by the Canadian built Canadair CT-114 Tutor jet trainer which would rule the skies over Saskatchewan for the next forty years.

Early in 1970, Colonel O.B. Philp, Base Commander at then Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Moose Jaw organized an unofficial group of volunteer instructors known as the 2 Canadian Forces Flying Training School Formation Team. Over the years, the Canadian Air Forces "Snowbirds" have evolved into one of the premier military aerobatics display teams in the world.

Today the Wing is the principle site of the NFTC program: An international military pilot training program that has seen pilot trainees from around the globe join their Canadian counterparts in the skies over southern Saskatchewan.

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