Infographic: CC-177 Globemaster


Rapid, reliable and flexible. Canada was the first to land a CC-177 at the most northerly airport in the world. Roles: Rapid delivery of troops and equipment from coast to coast and around the world, support to international crises and humanitarian disasters and strategic airlift support to Canada and its allies. Pilots can fly the CC-177 wearing night-vision goggles. It can carry one Leopard 2 tank or three CH-146 Griffon helicopters or one hundred and two paratroopers.

  • 40,440 pounds of thrust (18,343 kilograms)
  • Payload 160,000 pounds (72,727 kilograms)
  • Height 16.79 metres
  • Length 53.04 metres
  • Wing span 51.75 meters