Infographic: CH-147F Chinook



CH-147F Chinook
Heavy-lift Helicopter



A multi-mission, heavy-lift helicopter, the Chinook is used for the tactical transport of equipment, supplies and personnel. Providing a vital capability to respond to humanitarian emergencies or natural disasters, the advanced Chinook has an impressive capacity, extended range, and leading-edge systems that permit it to operate effectively in Canada and in complex deployed environments.

  • Length: 15.9 m
  • Rotor span: 18.28 m
  • Height: 5.77 m
  • Empty weight: 12,700 kg
  • Maximum speed: 315 km/h
  • Maximum Slinging Payload: 12,700 kg
  • Range: 1,145 km
  • Crew/Passengers: Up to 37