Infographic: CP-140 Aurora



CP-140 Aurora
Long Range Patrol



Capable of flying for up to 17 hours, the CP-140 Aurora, Canada's long range patrol aircraft, is a formidable surveillance and reconnaissance asset. Able to detect and track land, maritime and underwater activity, the Aurora ensure the protection of Canadian sovereignty against potential threats. It detects and deters illegal fishing, smuggling or people and goods, drug trafficking and polluting in Canada's territorial waters, maritime approaches and the Arctic. Equiped with air-droppable survival kits, it can support search and rescue operations. This modernized and upgraded multi-purpose aircraft is ready to conduct missions at home and around the world.

  • Length 35.6 m
  • Wingspan 30.37 m
  • Height 10.3 m
  • Maximum Gross Weight 64,410 kg
  • Maximum Speed 750km/h
  • Range 9,266 km
  • Endurance 17 hours
  • Crew up to 10