A Strong Voice for RCAF Families: Canadian Military Family Advocacy

Magazine Article / November 21, 2019

The Canadian Military Family Advocacy (CMFA) is a network of volunteers who build their communities through leadership and advocacy. CMFA is committed to improving the lives of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) families by representing military family interests in a positive, well-researched, representative and intelligent way.

To date, the CMFA has collaborated with Nicole Goehring, Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Alberta and the provincial liaison to the military for Alberta, to draft and submit a document of recommendations to the Commander of Military Personnel Command, MLA military liaisons in other provinces, the RCAF Advocate and the Chief of the Defense Staff. These recommendations were generated through ongoing group-wide discussions (with our 600+ group members), consultation with civilian, military and veteran subject matter experts, and care providers to military families.

The CMFA was founded to provide an independent and representative voice in support of military families. It operates outside of the Military Family Services and CAF umbrellas, and is therefore uniquely positioned to advocate for and help facilitate positive change on challenges affecting the military family community. The aim is to educate leaders, decision makers and researchers on the best approaches to strengthen military family resiliency, and to increase the general public’s awareness of the unique issues that military families can experience, especially when relocating. These issues include, but are not limited to, access to medical care, availability of childcare, and challenges related to spousal employment.

The engagement of a large pool of community members is vital to our success. The CMFA welcomes all members of the military community, including immediate and extended family members, CAF members, veterans, ex-spouses, etc. who are committed to affecting positive change through empowerment, community, collaboration, guidance, public awareness, and advocacy.

You can also join the Facebook group, Military Family Advocacy Think Tank, at C

Help advocate for issues that affect you and your family, and get involved in building the family-first CAF we all deserve!

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