Command Team Perspective: 2020 Holiday Message

Magazine Article / January 4, 2021

This past year has shown us how uncertain our day-to-day life is, and how extraordinary we can be, when we face the challenges thrown our way together.

As we reflect on 2020, the loss of our teammates at sea and in the skies above Kamloops continues to weigh heavily on us. We also recognize the pandemic has impacted you and your loved ones in significant ways. This added stress, along with demands of the holiday season, can be hard on our mental well-being. Always know that if you need support, it is there for you. If you know of a friend who needs help, please reach out and support them as loyal team-mates. The RCAF team is strong, and we will get through this together.

While many of us are not in our usual work environment, the RCAF stands with the rest of the Canadian Armed Forces in a shared goal of ensuring a respectful workplace and an inclusive environment, where members can thrive to reach their full potential. We must continue to work together to ensure that we vigorously address any behavior that diminishes or marginalizes any of our team-mates. As we move towards a New Year, be kind to one another.

Through the necessary restrictions that have been instituted during this pandemic, we have been exceptionally impressed by the agility displayed by the RCAF team in adapting ourselves to our new reality – always attentive to the advice of our medical advisors. Rapid Operational Test and Evaluation for PPE wear in aircraft, re-rolling elements of our units to produce non-medical masks and face-shields, and curriculum delivery at distance are examples of this agility.

Through it all, we continue to support Canadians. You maintain a posture of readiness, supporting operations at home – our operations, maintenance and support teams are always ready to go. We are prepared to respond to any pandemic related request for assistance. You continue to provide key knowledge, skills, and experience to our operations abroad as well – NORAD, NATO, the UN, and many others. In working with our allies, you continue to excel!

In looking to 2021, we are tremendously excited about our future as we look to tackle future challenges with optimism, agility and a renewed sense of purpose. It’s rewarding and inspiring to work alongside such a highly competent team. We are buoyed by the arrival of new aircraft and equipment across the RCAF and we are all committed to ensuring each of you can continue to thrive within our great RCAF family of professionals.

In the past, this was the season to come together as team, and honour RCAF holiday traditions. While our gatherings will look different this year, it is more important than ever to take a break from work over the holidays to recharge your batteries – and part of that is to focus on family. We wish each one of you, and your families, a season of peace, kindness, and good health.

Happy holidays!!

Lieutenant-General A.D. Meinzinger
Commander Royal Canadian Air Force

CWO Denis Gaudreault

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