Heads Up! Looking for some eager aviators to represent in new occupation videos

Magazine Article / August 10, 2021

The RCAF is always looking for new candidates to keep up its numbers in its occupations. One of the key tools we use to attract the right people is the recruiting video. These videos are used at the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Recruiting Centres, on the forces.ca recruiting website, and at job fairs, school visits, and other attractions events. They are updated on a regular basis and, starting in the fall this year, the following occupations need new videos:

    • Air Weapons Systems (AWS) Technician
    • Avionics Systems (AVS) Technician
    • Aviation Systems (AVN) Technician
    • Pilot
    • Air Operations Officer (AOO)
    • Space Specialists from the following occupations:
      • Air Combat Systems Officer
      • Aerospace Engineering Officer
      • Communications and Electronics Engineering Officer
      • Aerospace Controller
      • Aerospace Control Operator

In addition, videos will be produced for the Water, Fuels and Environment Technician and Electrical Distribution Technician occupations, as well as new footage updates for many other construction occupations.

The Directorate of Marketing and Advertising, who is responsible for coordinating and producing the videos, is looking for aviators who are interested in participating as spokespeople for their occupation. Ideal officer candidates should be an experienced (i.e. occupation-qualified) lieutenant or captain, ideal NCM candidates should be QL-5 qualified corporal or master corporal, and all preferably working in an operational environment. All spokespersons must look approachable, be physically fit and able to express themselves clearly and comfortably in either English or French. Deployment experience is also an asset, because potential applicants want to hear about that, too!

There also will be opportunities to participate in videos on the topics below:

  • Paid education (e.g. ROTP, NCM-STEP, CAF ACE- semi-skilled entry program)
  • Life in the Air Force, showcasing the life of RCAF members and how they manage their personal life, family, responsibilities, routines, etc.
  • Life in the CAF
  • RCAF Reserve overview

This is a great opportunity to represent your occupation ─and the RCAF─ and show people on the street how challenging and interesting your career can be. If you are selected, the film crew will follow you around for a day or so while you do your job. You will also be interviewed about your personal experiences in the Forces and asked to talk about what you like about your work. To see what your occupation’s current video is like, go to www.forces.ca and click on your occupation.

Think this might be for you? Talk to your chain of command about becoming a volunteer! You can also request more information through the PERSpectives mailbox. Show us you’re #RCAFProud!

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