Monthly Aircrew Allowance Entitlement Clarified

Magazine Article / November 21, 2019

In the past, and understandably, there has been some confusion within the RCAF when considering the status of a Wings-Qualified Aircrew (WQA) member on the Basic Training List (BTL) and his or her continued entitlement to monthly aircrew allowance. Since July 2017, WQA stay on the BTL until they complete their training at their assigned Operational Training Unit (OTU). Once these members reach their Operational Functional Point (OFP), they then are posted off of the BTL into a Trained Effective Strength position at a designated flying unit. Compensation and Benefits Instruction (CBI) 205.32 addresses this situation very clearly.

It was because of this misunderstanding that CANAIRGEN 17/19 was released recently to clarify any questions about entitlement to monthly aircrew allowance of WQA who have not yet reached their OFP.

The Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) recently determined that WQA on the BTL, who are posted to a designed flying unit, are indeed entitled to monthly aircrew allowance, as long as they are being paid for “the performance of assigned duties where there is continual and substantial exposure to the environmental conditions associated with flying operations.” Therefore, WQA meet the requirements for entitlement of monthly aircrew allowance (IAW CBI 205.32) upon start of training at an OTU, regardless of BTL status. Prior to arriving at an OTU, aircrew may only be eligible for casual aircrew allowance. 

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