12 Wing welcomes Honorary Colonel Phil Otto

News Article / June 25, 2019

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12 Wing Shearwater Public Affairs

Colonel Sid Connor, commander of 12 Wing Shearwater, Nova Scotia, welcomed the wing’s new honorary colonel, Phil Otto, during a ceremony at the Shearwater Aviation Museum on June 24, 2019.

Honorary Colonel Otto replaces Honorary Colonel Tom Birchall, who held the position for the previous six years. During his remarks, Honorary Colonel Birchall spoke about his goals of ensuring the wider community was aware of the work being done at the wing.

“During my tenure as honorary colonel I focused on championing the wing to the civilian population and constantly reminding the men and women who serve that their efforts are very much appreciated,” he said. “I have witnessed countless examples of how members of 12 Wing have overcome adversity, met the challenges and endured hardships. Do not change.”

Honorary Colonel Otto echoed the sentiment during his remarks.

“I’m looking forward to making the bridge between the community at large and 12 Wing,” he said. “The military is a big part of the fabric and culture in Halifax [Regional Municipality] and I’m excited to see what I can do to support.”

Honorary Colonel Otto is well-known in the Halifax-Dartmouth community as chief executive officer of the branding and marketing firm Revolve. He is a passionate supporter of entrepreneurialism, local business and the community.

“The tradition of honorary colonels is our way to make a linkage between our small societies and the civilians in the areas where we work,” said Colonel Connor. “I want to recognize Tom for the work he did, his tireless energy for the wing. Phil, welcome to the family. You have a really supportive spirit when it comes to the military and we look forward to having you here.”

Honorary Colonels are integral members of the Air Force family. They may be former Air Force officers or distinguished Canadian citizens, hailing from a diverse range of backgrounds. They build and develop community support for their units by providing a public profile for the unit.


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