16 Wing “Shave for the Brave”

News Article / December 5, 2018

From 16 Wing Public Affairs

On a beautiful fall day, three generous members of 16 Wing Borden, Ontario, offered up their hair, via the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC), in exchange for donations to the Canadian Cancer Society.

The 16 Wing “Shave for the Brave” was held at the Royal Canadian Air Force Academy at Canadian Forces Base Borden, Ontario, on October 30, 2018.

The commander of 16 Wing, Colonel Pascal Godbout, served as the extremely energetic master of ceremonies, opening this great event by welcoming special guests from the Barrie Cancer Society and about 100 16 Wing members.

During his remarks, Colonel Godbout said likely everyone has been touched by cancer and that the event was 16 Wing’s way of making a difference. Citing  current statistics showing that a staggering one of every two people in Canada will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, he emphasized that cancer does not discriminate, and that the importance of screening and early detection are key to success in the fight against this life-threatening disease.

Unique to this 16 Wing event was that the three volunteers were all women. Each had their own reasons for standing up and showing their support.

Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering (CFSATE) clerk Corporal Staci Foster was there on behalf of her cousin, Kim Lamont, who was diagnosed with cancer. When asked why she would show her support in this manner, Corporal Foster replied, “I can choose to cut my hair, but those with cancer don’t have that choice!”  

16 Wing Chief Warrant Officer Lisa Harvey was there on behalf of someone very special in her life: her mother, Nancy-Anne, who died in 2006 from cancer. “Any impact we have on cancer research,” Chief Warrant Officer Harvey said, “no matter how small, is so important!” 

Lieutenant-Colonel Rebecca Evans, 16 Wing chief of staff and herself a cancer survivor, was there to show support for her sister, Elizabeth. Major Elizabeth Stachura is a member of the RCAF and a former CFSATE Aerospace Engineering instructor currently serving in Kingston, Ontario. Major Stachura is fighting breast cancer and is currently going through cancer treatment. She was able to take part in the event by Face Timing with her sister, and said how proud she was of her and that she was grateful for her sister’s continued support.

Another special guest, 16 Wing Honorary Colonel Renee Van Kessel, travelled from Toronto to make a very sizable and much appreciated donation of her own. With substantial donations of their own, Major Andrea Sloan, of 16 Wing Headquarters; Master Warrant Officer Laurie Moore, of the Canadian Forces Logistics Training Centre; and Ms. Deborah Tennant, of the Barrie Cancer Society, won honours of “first cuts”.

With little notice and in a short period of time, donations came in from across Canada through the RCAF community and especially the chief warrant officers’ “network”. Colonel Godbout was proud to announce that more than $3,000 was raised thanks to the 16 Wing Shave for the Brave event.


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