Air Reservists recognized for more than 116 years of combined service

News Article / March 18, 2019

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By Sara White

Three Air Reserve personnel from 14 Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia now have tangible symbols of more than 116 years of combined service.

On January 24, 2019, wing commander Colonel Mike Adamson presented the Canadian Forces’ Decoration to three men: Warrant Officer Alain Chalifoux, who received the CD, 2nd Clasp, for 32 years of service; and Captain John Pulchny and Major Ken Kohler, who each received the CD, Third Clasp, denoting 42 years of service.

“It means so much,” Colonel Adamson said. “The CD, we hand out at 12 years of service, and every 10 years after that. You can look at someone’s uniform and it’s like a totem pole: the colour is the branch, there are trade badges or wings, and there are decorations that tell the story of your career. The CD represents your having dedicated a portion of your adult life to the service of Canada.”

All three recipients are former members of the Regular Force. Warrant Officer Chalifoux works in the 14 Wing lessons learned program and Captain Pulchny serves as the acting executive assistant to the wing commander. Major Kohler, who served as the wing information management officer, retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in February 2019.

“Every 10 years these medals represent,” said Colonel Adamson, “people should be respectful of that. It’s absolutely incredible to me [that] a person could spend 32 or even 42 years in service to their country.

“Thank you for that service, and for everything you’ve done.”

Sara White is the managing editor of the 14 Wing Greenwood newspaper, "The Aurora", where this article was originally published.


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