Canadian Armed Forces personnel show their Pride in Winnipeg

News Article / July 5, 2019

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Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Pride Parade rolled through the city’s streets on June 2, 2019, and included about 60 local members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The women and men of the CAF marched, walked and danced in the parade to show their pride for and promotion of diversity and equality within their organizations. This year’s parade was a resounding success thanks to the rocking music of the Jet Stream show band, an element of the Royal Canadian Air Force Band, and the Military Family Resource Centre Choir.

“The community was incredibly receptive, and the enthusiasm of both the participants and the crowd was wonderful to see,” said Sergeant David Grenon, the Pride Parade organizer for 17 Wing Winnipeg. “I am looking forward to seeing even more growth take place in the upcoming years with both our active participation, and the creative ways in which we contribute to Pride Winnipeg.”

Participation in this year’s Pride Parade served as an opportunity to 17 Wing Winnipeg and lodger units to show support to LGBTQ+ members of the Defence team and their families.  17 Wing strives for inclusivity within our workplaces and the diversity of our personnel.

The wing is already excited about participating in next year’s Pride Parade, and seek to have an even broader impact and a greater number of participants lining the streets and in the parade. Sergeant Grenon hopes to double the number of military participants in next year’s Pride Parade.



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