Canadian Armed Forces to patrol skies over Romania

News Article / August 17, 2017

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From National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is sending about 135 CAF personnel, and four Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188 Hornets, to Constanta, Romania, to participate in NATO enhanced Air Policing from September to December 2017.

“The Canadian Armed Forces is committed to the principle of collective defence of the Alliance, which is at the very heart of NATO’s founding treaty,” said Lieutenant-General Steve Bowes, Commander of Canadian Joint Operations Command. “Our military personnel are well-trained and committed to contribute to NATO enhanced Air Policing that ensures the integrity of Allies’ airspace.

“They are proud to work on behalf of Canadians, projecting the best of what Canada has to offer.”

This mission is part of Operation Reassurance, Canada’s contribution to NATO assurance and deterrence measures. Air Task Force Romania will augment the Romanian Air Force’s capability to preserve the integrity of its airspace.

"An Air Task Force is an agile and flexible organization that is always ready to employ air power and provide support wherever and whenever Canada requires,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Hickey, Commander, Air Task Force Romania. “Our Air Task Force in Romania is proud to participate in the cooperative defence activities that support NATO’s enhanced Air Policing.” 

NATO Air Policing has been part of Alliance assurance and deterrence measures since 2014. These measures demonstrate the collective resolve of Allies to protect NATO territory and populations.

Quick Facts

  • The deployed Canadian Armed Forces members that form the air task force in Romania are mainly from 409 Tactical Fighter Squadron out of 4 Wing Cold Lake, supported by personnel from 2 Air Expeditionary Wing and 17 Wing Winnipeg.
  • NATO enhanced Air Policing is a peacetime collective defence mission, safeguarding the integrity of the Alliance airspace. The Canadian Armed Forces has supported this mission, on a rotational basis with other NATO Allies, as part of Operation Reassurance since May 2014.
  • The Canadian Armed Forces first deployed an air task force to Romania as part of Operation Reassurance from April to August 2014 at the Romanian Air Force 71st Air Base in Campia Turzii. During that mission, the air task force was engaged in multinational training opportunities that developed interoperability in the areas of air defence, air superiority, and tactical support missions.
  • Operation Reassurance refers to the military activities undertaken by the Canadian Armed Forces since 2014 to support NATO assurance and deterrence measures in Eastern and Central Europe with the aim of reassuring nations in the region of NATO’s intent to support their stability and security.


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