Commander’s message to RCAF personnel: “Be ready to innovate"

News Article / June 12, 2017

Canada's new Defence Policy

The Defence Policy just released articulates government direction  across the breadth and depth of Royal Canadian Air Force activities, starting with support and resources for you, our people.

The RCAF is growing, and there will be further investment in airpower across our current and planned fleets and systems, and in the training required to deliver airpower capabilities. Our role as guarantor of Canadian sovereignty will be further enabled with developments in Space, Cyber, and remotely piloted systems amongst other areas.

Read the document in full. Absorb the relevance of RCAF capabilities to the entirety of the Canadian Armed Forces mission.

Reflect on how this will influence our work moving forward with the RCAF vision, as an agile and integrated air force with the reach and power essential for CAF operations – operations that span the full spectrum of military missions. Share this with all your units. Engage your people in discussion.

And be ready to innovate as we start the hard, rewarding work of implementing this government direction.

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