Dr. Slawomir Wesolkowski, an analytics expert of the highest calibre

News Article / November 26, 2020

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Royal Canadian Air Force Public Affairs

In the Royal Canadian Air Force, there is now one analytics expert who is more qualified than almost anyone else in Canada. On October 15, 2019 Dr. Slawomir Wesolkowski received the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification, the only global professional certification for analytics practitioners. He is one of only about 50 people in Canada with this designation, and perhaps the only public servant.

Dr. Wesolkowski is the Fighter Analytics Team Lead in the Fighter Capability Office. If someone needs analysis of personnel flow, fleet mix issues, or armament stockpiling, he's the go-to-guy.

"Any analytics requiring more than just adding a few numbers together is something I would be asked to look at," he explained.

He's responsible for figuring out how to approach any fighter capability problems from an analytical standpoint, and backs up leadership decisions with facts.

"One of the issues in the tech world now is that you have a lot of people doing a lot of things and they’re very narrow in their field," he said. “You have a lot of people who know a lot about simulation, people who know a lot about optimization, or machine learning. So what we need to focus on is selecting which are the appropriate models to apply to a given problem.”

CAP® is recognized as an independent validation of the analytics body of knowledge of those who earn the certification. Applicants must demonstrate an ability to break down broad business questions into analytical questions with evidence-based answers.

"I think more and more we have to think critically about everything we're given," Dr. Wesolkowski said. "For senior leaders, CAP® gives them the assurance that the person knows what they're talking about."

Dr. Wesolkowski certainly knows what he’s talking about. He has his Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, and a PhD in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo. He has worked for DND in analytics for 14 years and in 2018 received an RCAF Commander's Commendation for his work. He still found it important to earn the CAP® designation.

"It's a good feeling knowing there is recognition for my practical contributions to the field."


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