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Magazine Article / November 1, 2020 / Project number: RCAF-Excelsior-Fall-2020-2

Did you know that there are many career opportunities available for senior non-commissioned members (NCMs) who aspire to senior leadership in the RCAF? Chief Warrant Officers (CWOs) are advisors to their respective commanders/commanding officers on matters related to the dress, discipline, professional development, morale, training, welfare and the Quality of Life of all military personnel within their unit or formation. As a CWO, you could offer your knowledge and share the expertise you have gained to junior members who are working their own way up through the ranks.

Currently, the RCAF is looking to reshape its CWO generation and promotion model to ensure that progression to the rank of CWO will be achieved through an amalgamation of all of the competencies, experience, knowledge, proven leadership, education and training that prospective CWOs have gained throughout their careers. It’ll take some time to get the new model figured out and more information will be shared as it becomes available, but in the meantime, the RCAF continues to strive for ways to escalate quality of service, balancing the needs of the individual with those of the RCAF and the Canadian Armed Forces.

“Working for our RCAF Reserve NCMs, helping shape their future, is both a privilege and an honour,” said CWO Keith Mitchell, RCAF Reserve Careers CWO. “There is out there the next RCAF Reserve CWO and it is the job of all involved with career management to provide the best training and support to assist them in achieving that goal. Knowing I could potentially have a role in helping that one person get to our most senior CWO position within the RCAF Reserve is exciting.”

There are multiple paths to becoming a Reserve Force CWO, including joining the CAF as a reservist and working up to the rank of CWO or transferring from the Regular Force and continuing career progression as a reservist to the rank of CWO.;. No matter the path, the aim of the new model is to develop and promote our best people and place them in the most suitable position based on what the individual can bring to it.

“As you continue your career within the RCAF Reserve, be assured there are many new opportunities, including remote employment for some of our current CWO positions,” said CWO Jim McKenzie, RCAF Reserve CWO.  For those “retiring” from the Regular Force, he suggests that “because you’ve made the decision to join the Reserves doesn’t mean your career is winding down; in fact, it may be just the beginning of many new exciting opportunities, providing you are willing to continue to develop professionally within the RCAF Reserve to make you the right candidate for the CWO opportunities you may be offered.”

Current RCAF Reserve CWO positions



Current Location


RCAF Reserve Chief Warrant Officer (RCAF Res CWO)

Class B   


As the senior NCM advisor to the Director General RCAF Reserve, this position represents the highest NCM level of leadership.
Provides direction for NCMs and represents their interests at all levels, and represents the welfare of all personnel serving within the RCAF Reserve, particularly the NCMs, by continuously promoting excellence, professionalism and teamwork.

Directorate Air Reserve 5-2 (Careers CWO)

Class A


Responsible for issues affecting the Total Force Integrated Career and Succession Planning of Air Reserve NCMs, provides expert knowledge on matters pertaining to career management and succession planning processes for all non-commissioned reservists in the RCAF who wear the blue uniform.

1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters (1 CAD HQ) CWO 

Class B


As a Command Team member, advises the HQ Commanding Officer (CO) on all matters related to the employment of NCMs and on all personnel issues at 1 CAD HQ and 22 detachments, which encompasses more than 750 personnel.

1 CAD A1 (Personnel Management) Directorate CWO     

Class A


Advises the 1 CAD A1 on all matters pertaining to NCMs, including conditions of service, morale, welfare, discipline and quality of life. 

2 Canadian Air Division (2 CAD) NCM Professional Development CWO

Class B


Manages the coordination and implementation of NCM Professional Development for the RCAF, both Reserve and Regular Forces.

1 Wing Air Reserve (AR) Coord CWO 

Class B

Kingston, ON

Advises A1 AR Coord on all RCAF Reserve issues, including conditions of service, morale, welfare, discipline and quality of life. 

438 Squadron CWO 

Class B

St- Hubert, QC

As part of the Air Maintenance Squadron (AMS) organization, leads, manages and promotes the welfare of all NCMs within the squadron and advises the CO on all matters pertaining to NCMs.

400 Squadron CWO        

Class B   

Borden, ON

As part of the AMS organization, leads, manages and promotes the welfare of all NCMs within the squadron and advises the CO on all matters pertaining to NCMs.

Chief of the Air Force Headquarters CWO

Class B


As a Command Team member, advises the Chief of Executive Support on all matters related to the employment, morale and welfare of personnel within the Air Staff.

RCAF Family Support CWO

Class A


Assists the RCAF Family Advocate with the monitoring and advancement of CAF member and family support programs and policies.

D Air Pers Rdns CWO 

Class A


Advises the RCAF CWO on RCAF career management and succession planning matters and ensures the RCAF is in a current state of readiness.


Join the RCAF - Dare to be extraordinary

Social Work Officers deliver professional social work services in a military setting to support the morale, efficiency and mental health of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and their families. Social Work Officers offer clinical social work services similar to community mental health and social services agencies.

As well as the full range of challenges common to Canadian society, CAF members and their families cope with additional stresses associated with frequent moves and separations. These stresses can give rise to social and family circumstances that involve complex social work interventions.

The primary responsibilities of a Social Work Officer are to:

         - Provide clinical intervention services
         - Assist in the resolution of compassionate situations
         - Consult with and advise leaders on the social circumstances encountered by personnel in their units
         - Investigate and report compassionate situations
         - Deliver preventive and rehabilitative programs in the areas of:
                   - Pre- and post-deployment stress
                   - Suicide prevention
                   - Family violence


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