Governor General invests recipients into the Order of Military Merit

News Article / July 12, 2019

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From Rideau Hall

Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada Julie Payette presided over an Order of Military Merit investiture ceremony at la Citadelle de Québec on July 3, 2019.

The Governor General bestowed the honour on one Commander, seven Officers and 27 Members. Among them were several members of the Royal Canadian Air Force

Created in 1972, the Order of Military Merit recognizes meritorious service and devotion to duty by members of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Order honours them for their commitment to Canada, according to the following three levels of membership: Commander (C.M.M.), Officer (O.M.M.) and Member (M.M.M.).

Order of Military Merit Recipients


Major-General Carl Jean Turenne, C.M.M., M.S.C., C.D.
Deputy Commander – Canadian Army,
Ottawa, Ontario
(This is a promotion within the Order)


Brigadier-General Marie Hélène Lise Bourgon, O.M.M., M.S.C., C.D.
Strategic Joint Staff
Ottawa, Ontario

Lieutenant-Colonel Catherine Jocelyne Marchetti, O.M.M., C.D.
Office of the Chief Force Development
Ottawa, Ontario

Colonel Roger Leigh Scott, O.M.M., C.D.
Canadian Forces Health Services Group Headquarters
Ottawa, Ontario


Warrant Officer Charles Barton Ansell, M.M.M., C.D.
Royal Military College of Canada
Kingston, Ontario

Master Warrant Officer Dean Stanley Burgher, M.M.M., C.D.
Real Property Operations Unit (Atlantic)
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Chief Warrant Officer Joseph Jacques Friolet, M.M.M., M.S.M., C.D.
403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron
Oromocto, New Brunswick

Sergeant Marie-Élaine Michèle Labrèche, M.M.M., C.D.
2nd Canadian Division Headquarters
Montréal, Québec

Warrant Officer Pierre Hugo St-Laurent, M.M.M., C.D.
19 Wing Comox
Lazo, British Columbia

Major Timothy Morgan Utton, M.M.M., C.D.
Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence Unit
Ottawa, Ontario

Master Warrant Officer Ruel Delroy Walker, M.M.M., C.D.
1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters
Winnipeg, Manitoba

About the Order of Military Merit

The Order of Military Merit recognizes distinctive merit and exceptional service displayed by the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, both Regular and Reserve. Many have demonstrated dedication and devotion beyond the call of duty, and the Order honours them for their commitment to Canada, according to the following three levels:

The level of Commander (post-nominal: C.M.M.) recognizes outstanding meritorious service and demonstrated leadership in duties of great responsibility.

The level of Officer (post-nominal: O.M.M.) recognizes outstanding meritorious service in duties of responsibility.

The level of Member (post-nominal: M.M.M.) recognizes exceptional service or performance of duty.

Eligibility and Nominations

The military chain of command and the Advisory Council recommend to the Chief of the Defence Staff the names of those serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, both Regular and Reserve, whom they consider eligible. The Chief of the Defence Staff then submits the names to the Governor General for approval.

The number of appointments per year is limited to one-tenth of one per cent of the average number of persons who were members of the Canadian Armed Forces during the previous year. There are no posthumous appointments.

Recipients may be promoted within the Order. They must exchange their insignia for that which corresponds to the new level, since no member may hold more than one appointment at any time.

The Order’s constitution permits members of the armed forces of another country to be appointed as honorary Commanders, Officers and Members. Appointments are made for outstanding meritorious service to Canada or to the Canadian Armed Forces in the performance of military duties.


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Aerospace Control Officers contribute to air operations by providing air traffic control services and air weapons control.

Aerospace Control Officers are responsible for the conduct of aerospace surveillance, warning, and control of airborne objects throughout Canadian airspace. As an integral part of the Canadian Air Navigation System, they also provide control to civilian and military aircraft during combat and training operations worldwide.

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