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News Article / March 13, 2020

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By Second Lieutenant Leo Zhou

“I find it challenging, but a good experience, to be out of my trade and learning something new,” says Master Corporal Vicky Fortin about working as a Financial Services Administrator (FSA) despite being a trained Human Resources Administrator (HRA). “Down the road, it will be helpful to have knowledge in both trades.”

Master Corporal Fortin is posted to 12 Wing Shearwater, Nova Scotia’s 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron (MH Sqn), located in Patricia Bay, British Columbia, just north of Victoria. As an FSA, she handles unit claims, temporary duty (TD) bookings, office bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable support, and budget management services.

Since arriving at the Squadron in July 2019, Master Corporal Fortin has learned how to do her new job quickly and is mentoring a Private in the section. She sees similarities between him and when she was a Private, and wants to be the best example she can be. “Being a good leader is so important to me,” she says, “because I know I have a direct influence on him.”

She says she enjoys her work at 443 Squadron, which is a high-tempo unit. Due to its location—across the country from the rest of 12 Wing—the Squadron processes the highest number of TD claims at the wing for pilot and technician training. “We need to be very switched–on, and the team needs to be ready at all times,” Master Corporal Fortin says. “Our job is to get people out the door no matter what.”

Before joining the Canadian Armed Forces in 2012, Master Corporal Fortin was working as an Administrative Clerk in an engineering office. Because of her private sector experience, she found the switch to military HRA easy.

She says the most rewarding part of the switch was the physical aspect of the military. “I was most attracted to the physical fitness part,” she says. “The military gave me the chance to learn about how my body can be pushed, and learn more about a healthy lifestyle.” That’s something she’s hoping to pay forward. “When people see that you are in good shape and you eat well, they ask you about it. I hope to inspire people to do the same.”

After Basic Military Qualification, Master Corporal Fortin did her three-month Qualification Level 3 course at Canadian Forces Base Borden, Ontario, before being posted to Edmonton, Alberta.

She says her deployment to Ukraine on Operation Unifier in 2017 was a “big milestone in my career and life.” Though it was sad to say goodbye to family and friends, she believes the strong sense of teamwork brought everyone together during her deployment. In Ukraine, she was doing her HRA job, processing claims and helping out as required. She felt prepared for the work she did while overseas. “During training, we are taught to do things a certain way; on deployment, I was really able to see why we are trained to do things that way, and how important it is.”

In her free time, Master Corporal Fortin enjoys working out and singing in the Squadron Band. The Band practises at the Squadron Mess during lunch time, and was the entertainment during the unit’s Christmas party. She also volunteers to sing the national anthem during parades and sports events because “music brings people together.”

She loves to travel, and is enjoying her posting.

“Victoria is amazing,” she says, “You can go out every day and see something new. I don’t like to stay in the same place for too long, so postings every four or five years is perfect.” Her husband, a Royal Canadian Navy cook on board HMCS Regina, shares her love for travel; together, they are willing to go anywhere the military needs them.

After reaching the next rank, Master Corporal Fortin plans to apply for an Out-of-Canada (OUTCAN) posting. In the future, she hopes to work in succession planning, as a career manager, or as a career advisor for HRA. “I take pride in what I do for a living, she says, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other amazing opportunities the military will bring me.”


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Financial Services Administrators provide financial assistance and budget resources support to all military activities.

The primary duties of a Financial Services Administrator are to provide: 

         - Financial administration and services
         - General office bookkeeping
         - Accounts payable and accounts receivable support
         - Budget management services


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