RCAF to conduct flybys as part of Canada Day 2019 celebrations

News Article / June 28, 2019

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) will conduct flybys on July 1, 2019, as part of several Canada Day celebrations in communities across the country. They will occur at various times throughout the day.

RCAF flybys, requested by organizers of special events, are carefully planned and closely controlled to ensure public safety at all times. The RCAF is proud to share in national events such as this, with flybys that allow us to demonstrate the capabilities of our personnel and aircraft to Canadians. Aircraft participation is subject to weather and operational requirements.

Flybys will take place in the following locations:

British Columbia

  • Courtenay: One CH-149 Cormorant
  • Qualicum Beach: One CC-115 Buffalo and one CH-148 Cyclone
  • Sechelt: One CC-115 Buffalo and one CH-148 Cyclone
  • Sidney: one CH-148 Cyclone
  • Vancouver: One CH-148 Cyclone


  • Athabasca: One CT-155 Hawk
  • Cold Lake: One CF-188 Hornet and one CH-146 Griffon
  • CFB Edmonton: Two CH-146 Griffons
  • Elk Point: One CF-188 Hornet
  • Hinton: One CT-155 Hawk
  • Jasper: One CT-155 Hawk
  • Lloydminster: One CF-188 Hornet
  • Mannville: One CF-188 Hornet
  • Sherwood Park: Two CH-146 Griffons
  • Spruce Grove: Two CH-146 Griffons
  • Stony Plain: Two CH-146 Griffons
  • Two Hills: One CF-188 Hornet
  • Vegreville: Two CH-146 Griffons
  • Wainwright: One CF-188 Hornet


  • Balgonie: One CT-155 Hawk
  • Eatonia: One CF-188 Hornet
  • Fort Qu’Appelle: One CT-155 Hawk
  • Moose Jaw: One CT-156 Harvard II
  • Regina: One CT-155 Hawk
  • Saskatoon: One CT-155 Hawk


  • Belleville: One CH-146 Griffon and one CC-130H Hercules
  • Brighton: One CC-130J Hercules
  • Cobourg: One CC-130H Hercules
  • Cornwall: One CC-130H Hercules
  • Lancaster: One CC-130H Hercules
  • Trenton: One CC-130J Hercules
  • Wellington: One CC-130J Hercules

National Capital Region

  • The Canadian Forces Snowbirds and the CF-18 Demo Team


  • La Pêche: One CC-130J Hercules

Nova Scotia

  • Clark's Harbour One CP-140 Aurora
  • Westville: One CP-140 Aurora

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Goose Bay: One CH-146 Griffon
  • North West River: One CH-146 Griffon


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