Snowbird 7 Captain Maciej “Match” Hatta receives Pinnacle Award

News Article / February 2, 2017

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By Lieutenant(N) Michele Tremblay 

Congratulations to Captain Maciej “Match” Hatta, Snowbird 7, on receiving the 2016 International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) ‘Platinum’ Pinnacle Award in the Military Performer category.

Captain Hatta’s involvement in producing more than 100 inspiring videos of the Snowbirds’ air performances has been pivotal with regard to the way the Snowbirds, an air demonstration (AD) squadron, have reached their fans on social media. Since he joined 431 (AD) Squadron and the air show world in 2013, Captain Hatta’s innovative and creative productions of in-flight acrobatics, the skills of aircraft technicians at work, family reunion moments, and more have thrilled the public. 

As a pilot, Captain Hatta has more than 2,000 hours of military jet flying experience and 1,000-plus hours as an enthusiastic videographer and producer, which he does in his spare time on a voluntary basis. Match brings to the Snowbirds and RCAF his professional skill as a pilot as well as his sense of ingenuity, innovativeness and motivation to tell the RCAF story to the public through video productions.

His products have topped six million views across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Some of his videos have been picked to play at large events such as the 2013 Grey Cup, and NHL games such as the Ottawa Senators game for Canadian Armed Forces appreciation night in November 2015,  and the May 2016 St. Louis Blues game. 

Captain Hatta’s work has taken the Snowbirds team and the RCAF to an unprecedented level of recognition, and has contributed to the sense of pride all members of the RCAF feel about what they do.

Lieutenant(N) Michele Tremblay is the 431 (AD) Squadron public affairs officer.


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