List of Abbreviations (B-GA-403-000/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Shape Doctrine)



AAA―anti-aircraft artillery

AAR―air-to-air refuelling

AAW―anti-air warfare

ABFAC―airborne forward air controller

ACC―air component commander

ACO―airspace control order

AD―air defence

AI―air interdiction

AOC―aerospace operations centre

AOD―air operations directive

ARM―anti-radiation missile


AS―associated support

ASUW―antisurface warfare

ASW―antisubmarine warfare

ATO―air tasking order

BDA―battle damage assessment

C2―command and control

CA―Canadian Army

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CANSOFCOM―Canadian Special Operations Forces Command

CAOC―Combined Aerospace Operations Centre

CAP―combat air patrol

CAS―close air support

CC―component commanders

CCA―close combat attack

CDE―collateral damage estimation

CF―Canadian Forces

CFACC―combined force air component commander

CIMIC―civil-military cooperation

CJFACC―combined joint force air component commander

CNA―computer network attack

CND―computer network defence

CNE―computer network exploitation

CNO―computer network operations

CO―commanding officer

CG―centre of gravity


DCA―defensive counter-air operation

DS―direct support

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DTB ―Defence Terminology Bank

EA―electronic attack


EP―electronic protection

ES―electronic warfare support

ESM―electronic warfare support measures

EW―electronic warfare

FAC―forward air controller

FAC(A)―forward air controller (airborne)

FAOR―fighter area of operations/responsibility

FE―force employment

G3 Avn―G3 aviation

GAT―guidance, apportionment and targeting

GBAD―ground-based air defence

GC―Government of Canada

GWT―Griffon weapons team


HVAA―high-value air asset

HVT―high value task

IA―influence activity

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IADS―integrated air defence system

IAF―Israeli Air Force

IJN―Imperial Japanese Navy

info ops―information operations  (CF and NATO terminology)

IO―information operations (US terminology)

IPA―information-protection activity

ISR―intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

JCO―joint coordination order

JFACC―joint force air component commander

JFLCC―joint force land component commander

JIB―joint integration board

JIPTL―joint integrated prioritized target list

JPTL―joint prioritized target list

JTAC―joint terminal attack controller

JTFC―joint task force commander

JTWG―joint targeting working group

KLE―key leader engagement


LCC―land component commander

LRPA―long-range patrol aircraft

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MAAP―master air action plan

MCC―maritime component commander

MH―maritime helicopter

MD―military deception

MISREP―mission report

NATO―North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NORAD―North American Aerospace Defence Command

NRT―near real time

OCA―offensive counter-air operation

OPCON―operational control


OPSEC―operational security

OTC―officer in tactical command


PA―public affairs

PAVN―People’s Army of Vietnam

PPP―presence, posture and profile

PSYOPS―psychological operations

PTL―prioritized target list

RAF―Royal Air Force

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RCAF―Royal Canadian Air Force

RCN―Royal Canadian Navy

RMP―recognized maritime picture

ROE―rules of engagement

SAM―surface-to-air missile

SAO―special air operations

SCAR―strike coordination and reconnaissance

SCAR-C―strike coordination and reconnaissance coordinator

SEAD―suppression of enemy air defence

SI―special instructions

SIGINT―signals intelligence

SOATU―special operations air task unit

SOF―special operations force

TACOM―tactical command

TACON―tactical control

TACP―tactical air control party

TACS―theatre air control system

TASMO―tactical air support for maritime operations

TIC―troops in contact

TST―time sensitive target

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TTP―tactics, techniques and procedures

UA―unmanned aircraft (also known as UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle, and UAS – unmanned aerial system)

UK―United Kingdom

US―United States

USAF ―United States Air Force

USN―United States Navy

VC―Viet Cong

W/KIA―wounded / killed in action

WME―weapons of mass effect

WWII―Second World War

XINT―on-call (air) interdiction

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