List of Abbreviations (B-GA-400-000/FP-000, Canadian Forces Aerospace Doctrine)

Aerospace Doctrine

AAR ― air-to-air refuelling

ADA ― Aerospace Doctrine Authority

ADC ― Aerospace Doctrine Committee

AFDT Div ― Air Force Doctrine and Training Division

AI ― area of interest

AO ― area of operations

AOR ― area of responsibility

ATO ― air tasking order

C2 ― command and control

CAF ― Canadian Air Force

CAP ― combat air patrol

CAS ― Chief of the Air Staff

CATGME ― Canadian Air Task Group Middle East

CF ― Canadian Forces

CFAWC ― Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre

Comd 1 Cdn Air Div ― Commander 1 Canadian Air Division

Comd 2 Cdn Air Div ― Commander 2 Canadian Air Division

Comd AIRCOM ― Commander of Air Command

CR ― combat recovery

CSAR ― combat search and rescue

DND ― Department of National Defence

IADS ― integrated air defence system

info ops ― information operations

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JATC ― Joint Air Training Centre

JFACC ― joint forces air component command

JFC ― joint force commander

NAR ― non-conventional assisted recovery

NATO ― North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NDHQ ― National Defence Headquarters

NORAD ― North American Air Defence Command

OPCOM ― operational command

OPCON ― operational control

PR ― personnel recovery

RAF ― Royal Air Force

RCAF ― Royal Canadian Air Force

SAR ― search and rescue

TACOM ― tactical command

TACON ― tactical control

TAG ― Tactical Air Group

TTP ― tactics, techniques and procedures

UAS ― unmanned aerial system

UN ― United Nations

US ― United States

USSR ― Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

WoG ― whole-of-government

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