Postscript (B-GA-400-000/FP-000, Canadian Forces Aerospace Doctrine)

Aerospace Doctrine


Canadian Forces Aerospace Doctrine lays out the fundamental principles behind the employment of aerospace power in support of Canadian security and national objectives. It provides the framework for the application of aerospace power and is the capstone document for aerospace doctrine serving as the guide for the development of operational and tactical doctrine. While it is authoritative, it is not prescriptive. Based on lessons learned from air operations of the past, it provides a solid foundation for dealing with the aerospace challenges of the future. As such, it is not static but will evolve as new lessons are learned and new concepts are developed and proven. As a result, the successful application of this doctrine can only be achieved through the continued engagement of Air Force personnel in the ongoing process of doctrinal renewal and study. In this regard, it is every Air Force member’s professional obligation to be fully engaged in the process of discussion and development of doctrine, whether at the strategic, operational, or tactical level.

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