RCAF Strategic Guidance

Air Force Vectors

1st edition, 2014


The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal

The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal - SPRING 2021 - Volume 10, Issue 2 is now available online.


Projecting Power: Canada's Air Force 2035

Edited by Dr. Andrew Godefroy.

PROJECT LAMINAR STRIKE Canada's Air Force: Post Op Athena

Edited by Col D.W. Lowthian and Capt S.R. Harrison

Shifting Sands: Air Coercion and Iraq, 1991-2003

By J. R. McKay
This monograph describes the 12-year “duel” between the American-led coalition and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq that lasted from 1991 to 2003.

Swords, Clunks & Widowmakers

By Ray Stouffer
The tumultuous life of the RCAF’s original 1 Canadian Air Division.

Copies may be available, contact:

RCAF Library
mailto: RAWC.Library@forces.gc.ca