Bellanca Scout - From the Investigator

Report / July 17, 2018 / Project number: Bellanca Scout - B Category

Location: Gimili, Manitoba
Date: 2018-07-17
Status: Investigation Ongoing

The accident flight was part of the Air Cadet Gliding Program and in support of the summer glider pilot training. The Scout aircraft is used to tow gliders to altitude where the glider would release from the tow plane and conduct their training mission.

After the second successful tow flight, the tow plane pilot completed the pre-landing checks and joined the circuit in preparation for landing. Once established on base leg, the pilot noticed that the aircraft was slightly higher than normal but was still manageable at this point by adjusting flap selection. While on final, the pilot noticed that the rate of descent was not sufficient to maintain a normal approach angle. After selecting full flaps early in an attempt to correct the glide path, the pilot realized that the plane could not get back to the normal glide path and therefore moved the aim point further down the landing strip. Not able to make the original aim point the pilot then focused entirely on a specific landmark as a final stop point. Upon touchdown the pilot applied excessive braking, enough that the aircraft rotated forward allowing the propeller to contact the ground. The aircraft then rotated past vertical and ended up on its back.

The aircraft sustained very serious damage and the pilot was treated for minor injuries.

The investigation did not reveal any evidence of technical issues with the aircraft and is now focusing on human factors.

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