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Report / March 10, 2019 / Project number: CC138803 - B Category

Location: Near Pelly Island, NT
Date: 10 March 2019
Status: Aircraft Occurrence Summary

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The crew departed Tuktoyaktuk, NT with three scientists on board on a mission requiring the aircraft to land on unprepared sea ice surfaces.

After completing an uneventful landing on sea ice near Tuktoyaktuk for scientific research, the crew flew the aircraft to Pelly Island which is located 50 miles to the West. The crew first completed two reconnaissance patterns above the sea ice surface to assess wind and surface conditions. The crew then chose an into-wind approach for landing on the sea ice, approximately 1 mile away from the island.

The aircraft touched down on a smooth area of sea ice, but then bounced into the air after hitting an ice ridge perpendicular to the aircraft’s heading. The aircraft impacted the base of a larger ice ridge once it settled back onto the sea ice. The nose landing gear collapsed and the aircraft came to a stop shortly thereafter.

The aircraft was very seriously damaged. No personnel were injured and they were subsequently evacuated to Inuvik, NT by civilian helicopter.

The investigation is focussing on both human factors and materiel.

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