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Report / December 13, 2018 / Project number: CH146477 - C Category

Location: Cold Lake, AB
Date: 13 December 2018
Status: Aircraft Occurrence Summary

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The crew of the CH146 Griffon was tasked to transport a replacement generator into a repeater antenna site within the 4 Wing Cold Lake training area.

The crew disembarked a team of five technicians at the repeater antenna site and then proceeded to pick up the replacement generator at a location approximately 7 miles away.  The generator, contained within a netted pallet, was transported to the repeater antenna site via slung load with the use of an approximately 80 foot sling.

The generator was temporarily put on the ground so that personnel on the ground could attach two guidelines to help move the load (generator) to its final location. The helicopter then lifted the load with the intention of moving it to the base of the tower.

As the helicopter was manoeuvred into position to deliver the load, the main rotor blades made contact with the obstruction lights and support bracket at the top of the 96 foot tower.  The crew conducted an expedited emergency landing in the clearing adjacent to the tower.  The helicopter’s four main rotor blades suffered serious damage.  There were no injuries to the crew nor the personnel on the ground.

The investigation is focusing on human factors.

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