CH148805 Cyclone - Epilogue

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Report / May 13, 2021 / Project number: CH148805-E-Cat

Location: Shearwater, NS
Date: 30 Nov 2020
Status: Investigation Completed

The CH148 Cyclone is being manufactured by Sikorsky International Operations Inc., a Lockheed Martin Company, at multiple locations. Final assembly of each airframe is carried out in the Coatesville (PA) facility. Aircraft CH148805 was the 23rd of 28 CH148s to be delivered to Canada.

On 23 November 2020, aircraft CH148805 left the production plant in Coatesville (PA) and arrived in Shearwater (NS) on the morning of 24 November 20. The initial acceptance check inspection was initiated as per the Fleet Work Instructions. An avionics technician inspected the No. 1 Alternating Current (AC) Power Distribution Unit (PDU), and terminal wire lugs T1, T2 and T3 were found unsecured. T1 was missing its securing nut, lock washer and flat washer but was still contacting its terminal stud. Terminals T2 and T3 were found hand tight. A Foreign Object Damage (FOD) check was carried out and all missing hardware for T1 lug was located at the bottom of the No. 1 AC PDU cover assembly.

There was neither injury nor damage resulting from this occurrence.

The investigation found that poor visibility of, and difficult access to the connections, as a result of the two-tier system of the PDU, combined with improper terminal position and fitment of stiff wires likely led to false torque condition. The preventive measures recommend a publication amendment, and a design change to prevent the nuts at the terminal connections from backing off when subjected to vibrations.

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