Mr. Samuel Reid

Biography / June 5, 2012

Mr. Samuel Reid was appointed as Honorary Colonel of 8 Air Maintenance Squadron on 1 June 2012.

Honorary Colonel Reid was raised in River Drive Park, On. In the early 80’s he was a fixture on the local music scene and is a founding member of the band, “Glass Tiger”. Glass Tiger has received numerous accolades including hit singles, 5 Juno Awards, Platinum status for several albums in Canada and a Gold record for their debut album in the United States. Honorary Colonel Reid and the band have toured with renowned acts and promoted Canadian music and culture around the world.

Honorary Colonel Reid further showcased his musical talents by establishing “Willow Music” and a world class recording studio, “SlipOne Digital.” His composition and production of the “Sanctuary” series of albums have sold over a million copies, earning him additional acclaim by going Gold in Canada. He is also the past director for the Song writers Association of Canada.

Honorary Colonel Reid and Glass Tiger’s affiliation with the Canadian Forces have been impressive to say the least. In 1996 they travelled to Bosniaand entertained the troops. Honorary Colonel Reid commented that, “it’s always been a personal wish to support the men and women of the military.” Since then they have been to Alert, remote Canadian locations and three trips to Afghanistan, the last being Canada Day 2012. On their 2009 visit to Kandahar, Honorary Colonel Reid and a small contingent visited the Forward Operating Bases gaining a true appreciation of the austere conditions that the Canadian Forces are at times required to operate in. The Chief of Defense Staff has praised Glass Tiger’s efforts, calling them, “true ambassadors.”

Honorary Colonel Reid’s participation also extends to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). In 2009, he wrote and performed the music theme for the Hawk One F86 Sabre’s airshow performances in commemoration of the Centennial of Flight. He has continued his partnership with Vintage Wings of Canada in that he coordinates their airshow music.

Honorary Colonel Reid’s current project, released 29 May 2012, “Sound of Freedom” is a unique collaboration of Canadian Forces musicians providing all the instrumental for renowned Canadian vocalists. The theme of the album is it reflects the personal challenges often faced by Canadian Forces personnel and their families. Proceeds will be assigned to the Support Our Troops Fund.

Honorary Colonel Reid and the band have also supported several organizations and efforts, such as The Japan Tsunami Relief Fund, Radio for Radiology Fundraising Show and the Women’s Centre of York Region.

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