419 Squadron unveils 75th anniversary CT-155 Hawk

News Article / June 3, 2016

Royal Canadian Air Force

In honour of 419 “City of Kamloops” Squadron’s 75th anniversary, the squadron unveiled their newly painted CT-155 Hawk during a ceremony on June 2, 2016, at 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta.

The paint scheme was designed by artist Jim Belliveau of 4 Wing, and captures snapshots of the Second World War history of this highly decorated unit. The aircraft is a CT-155 Hawk from the fleet of NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) Hawk trainers used to teach fighter lead-in training in Cold Lake, Alberta, the current home of 419 Squadron and the Moosemen, as they have been affectionately known since Second World War. NFTC contractor CAE agreed to facilitate the painting in honour of the anniversary. 

“Today is a proud day for the Moosemen,” said Lieutenant Colonel Mike “Moose” Grover, 419 Squadron’s commanding officer. “I must sincerely thank Jim Belliveau for designing the paint schema, the Flying Colours Corporation paint team in Peterborough, Ontario, and CAE for their financial and maintenance support in completing this project.

“This amazing colour bird represents something far greater than just our 75th anniversary; it signifies how the Royal Canadian Air Force respects its heritage and history and ensures that future generations continue to honour the sacrifices and contributions that so many veterans have made before us.”

The camouflage scheme is a stylized application of the classic Second World War Bomber Command topside green and brown, combined with an all-black undersurface that masked the aircraft from below against the night sky when most wartime bombing operations occurred for the Allied effort. The call letters VR-W and the dedication of the aircraft on the nose (with yellow “W”) are rooted with the Wellington Bomber flown by Wing Commander John “Moose” Fulton, the first and beloved commanding officer of the unit in 1941. 

The Moose insignia on the nose and registration KB799 belong to the Lancaster era of 419 Squadron, and the oldest known “Moose” nose art for the unit. The roundels on the wings are a stylized combination of old style Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) wartime markings with the addition of a Maple Leaf in the centre to link the wartime era markings to that of today, while the fin flash and side roundels are wartime RCAF.

As “City of Kamloops” squadron, 419 is holding a reunion weekend July 8 to 10, 2016, in Kamloops, British Columbia as part of their 75th anniversary celebrations and to celebrate their relationship with the city. A revival of the “Moose” Fulton Club, a history book release, a Freedom of the City parade, a flypast and astatic aircraft display, will all take place over the weekend, culminating with a formal dinner on Saturday night.

419 Squadron, located at 4 Wing, is a satellite unit of 15 Wing Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, the centre of RCAF aircrew training.

For more information regarding the reunion, visit the event’s Facebook page, titled “Moose Squadron”.

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