Celebrating Christmas, Canadian Armed Forces-style

News Article / December 21, 2016

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By Ruthanne Urquhart

If you were to travel back through time, visiting Canadian military members on December 25, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Christmas when some of them weren’t serving away from home. And yet, probably from the War of 1812, 55 years before Canada was a nation, certainly till now, through the wars and peacekeeping missions and campaigns and emergency relief work in between, our military members have strived to create and celebrate Christmas.

And most often, our folks serving elsewhere reach out to make sure that the children and families wherever they are serving, and their fellow airmen and airwomen, sailors and soldiers, have brighter Christmases.

Here is a selection of photographs of Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy, and Canadian Army members creating and celebrating Christmas, at home and away.

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