The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) participates in domestic and international operations, many of which are conducted jointly with the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Army. Air Force personnel may be called upon to fly people and cargo in support of humanitarian aid or diplomatic missions, or support operations by providing air lift capability for equipment and troops, or air superiority and ground support in regions of conflict.

The Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) is responsible for the conduct of Canadian Armed Forces’ domestic and deployed operations, from their earliest planning stages through to mission closeout, and ensures that national strategic goals are achieved. (The only Canadian Armed Forces operations in which CJOC does not engage are those conducted solely by the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command or NORAD.)

The Royal Canadian Air Force ensures trained and ready personnel, along with the necessary equipment and support, are available to contribute to operations when called upon by the Government of Canada. In recent years, the RCAF has participated in operations in Haiti, Libya, Afghanistan and Mali, while at home the Air Force has participated in humanitarian relief efforts such as rescuing Canadians threatened by floods or forest fires.

The RCAF also stands ready to conduct vital search and rescue (SAR) missions to prevent injury and save lives. In Canada, SAR is a shared responsibility among federal, provincial or territorial, and municipal organizations, as well as air, ground and maritime volunteer SAR organizations. The Canadian Armed Forces’ primary SAR responsibility is the provision of aeronautical SAR and the coordination of the aeronautical and maritime SAR system. The Canadian Armed Forces may assist in ground SAR, medical evacuations and other humanitarian incidents if requested to do so by the responsible provincial/territorial or municipal authority.

Read more about Canadian Armed Forces’ domestic and deployed operations in which the Royal Canadian Air Force has participated by visiting the Canadian Joint Operations Command website.

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