12 Air Maintenance Squadron



Who we are

With the advent of the Wing organizational concept at all Air Command Bases in 1993, the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Shearwater BAMEO Branch became 12 Air Maintenance Squadron (12 AMS). Although the role did not change, the Squadron’s identity has evolved into a distinctive entity within 12 Wing and the Maritime Helicopter Community.

The most visible manifestation of the Squadron’s identity is its unique heraldic badge and individual motto. Airmen and airwomen of bygone days rallied around their squadron crest with a sense of honour and pride. Time has not altered this and 12 AMS has adopted a crest design that best symbolizes the Squadron. The lion represents the squadron’s ties with Nova Scotia and with Scotland. The naval cord and waves represent the maritime environment familiar to the Maritime Helicopter community and the saltire, or “X”, recalls St-Andrew, the Nova Scotia Flag and also the blades of the helicopter. The unofficial motto of the organization had, for years, been “Perseverance”. To further emphasize the squadron’s association with Nova Scotia, and the RCAF’s association with the Lord Lyon of Scotland, it has been translated into Gaelic: Buan-Leanaltas.

The mission of 12 AMS is “to maximize aircraft availability.” As such, 12 AMS provides second line maintenance support and services to the CH-124 fleet, ashore as well as deployed on HMC Ships. The squadron is also postured to provide first and second line maintenance to the state-of-the-art CH-148 Cyclone, the RCAF’s new Maritime Helicopter, in support of Operational Test and Evaluation and Basic Force Generation.

The experience and expertise of the Squadron's workforce is second to none as evidenced by the excellent products and services the Squadron provides to the Wing. Aircraft maintenance activities include on-aircraft servicing, periodic inspections, and the repair of armament, avionics, aviation life support equipment and components. 12 AMS is also home to Sea King Supply Group, providing logistics support the Wing. The organization is comprised of some 320 professionals and, in partnership with other units at the Wing, plays a key role in providing combat ready "Wings for the Fleet".

Contact Information

12 Air Maintenance Squadron
P.O. Box 5000 Stn Main
Shearwater, Nova Scotia B0J 3A0