Helicopter Operational Test and Evaluation Facility (HOTEF)

Helicopter Operational Test and Evaluation Facility (HOTEF) is the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) unit for Maritime Helicopters.

With a rich history of CH-124 Sea King-related projects, HOTEF has fully transitioned to the CH-148 Cyclone. HOTEF maintenance personnel and aircrew conduct the OT&E required to introduce the CH-148 into operational service, as well as continue to expand the tactical capabilities of Canada’s newest maritime helicopter weapon system.


HOTEF’s world-class Operational Test & Evaluation team will lead the Maritime Helicopter community into the future through the safe and effective introduction of the Cyclone Weapon System.


HOTEF provides timely and effective Operational Test and Evaluation, leads Tactical Development, and executes Acceptance Test Flight duties, on behalf of the Maritime Helicopter community.


Our Contact Details

Helicopter Operational Test and Evaluation Facility
P.O. Box 5000 Stn Main
Shearwater, Nova Scotia  B0J 3A0

Squadron badge

(Pride in Progress)

Significance: The badge is based on the design of 10 Experimental Squadron of the Royal Canadian Naval Air Service from which this unit traces its lineage, thus the Roman numeral “X”. The helicopter blade represents the aircraft the unit operates and tests. The stylized water refers to the Squadron’s location at Shearwater, Nova Scotia.