Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre

The Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre (CAAWC) has been located at 8 Wing since 1996. As a National School, the CAAWC's mission is to: 

"Supports the generation and deployment of combat ready forces through the conduct of parachute-related training and aerial delivery operations."

The CAAWC is known as the "Centre of Excellence" for 13 different courses encompassing all parachutist related courses (both static line and military freefall), aerial delivery (including helicopter operations and DZ/LZ controlling), mountain operations, rappelling, patrol pathfinder and all parachute rigger qualifications. Each training year, the school sees up to 800 students pass through its doors.

CAAWC is the only national school with an operational task. It is responsible to have two officers on two hours and two six-member teams on four hours notice to move in support of Major Air Disaster Operations (MAJAID). MAJAID is a joint Air Force/Land Force operation. It involves parachuting into an Aircraft crash site with survival equipment and supporting the efforts of the SAR TECH's by providing shelter and sustenance to survivors.

The School's Airborne Trials and Evaluations Section (ATES) develops, tests and evaluates all equipment related to airborne and air transport operations in support of the Army. These trials range from parachutes and helmets to procedures and materiel for rigging of AirDrop or Air Transportable equipment. ATES also receives tasks to support trials for Air Force and SAR TECH equipments.

With augmentation from regular and reserve units, CAAWC is the home of the Canadian Forces Parachute Team, The Sky Hawks.  Each year they visit approximately 40 communities across Canada and the US during their performance season.

CAAWC is responsible for the production and amendment of Light Infantry and Airborne Operations doctrine for the approval of and implementation by the Directorate of Army Doctrine (DAD) in Kingston.

With the amalgamation in 1998 of the Canadian Forces Parachute Maintenance Depot (CFPMD), the school is now responsible for the control, packing, maintenance and repair of all parachutes and associated equipment for the Army and the SAR TECH's.

As required, CAAWC provides support to Land Force and Air Force training and operations through the provision of jump masters and parachute instructors, riggers and DZ controllers as well as parachutes, equipment and instructors.

Based on operational requirements, the school is even capable of taking several of its courses (specifically Helicopter Operations and DZ/LZ controller courses) on the road and running courses specifically for individual units.