Foreign Military Training Goose Bay

The Foreign Military Training Goose Bay (FMTGB) office actively promotes and coordinates the international use of the world-class training facilities and large low-level training area (LLTA) available at Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador. The low-level training is conducted with the protection of the environment in mind.

This Web site focuses on the environment programs and provides information on mitigation measures in use. A mitigation program is in place to minimize potentially harmful impacts on the environment that might result from military flying activity.

Our mission

To provide world-class training opportunities to foreign militaries.

The freedom to fly

  • spectacular terrain in vast uncontrolled airspace
  • coastal approaches
  • diverse landscapes
  • day and night operations

Goose Bay: Proud history, strategic location

  • A major meeting place for NATO aircrew to fly together
  • A key transit base for transport and tactical aircraft from Europe and the U.S.
  • A centre of excellence for air and land forces training since 1941

Goose Bay Today: World-class military training facilities

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • Runways of 9600 ft and 11 000 ft
  • Secondary landing site for the NASA Space Shuttle

The flying training area

  • 130,000 square km (35,000 square miles)
  • Ultra-low-level flying training to 100 feet Above Ground Level (AGL)
  • High-level airspace to FL 600
  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG) operations including NVG intercept training
  • 60 target complexes for fighter strike training
  • Infrared significant and radar reflective targets
  • Chaff and flares
  • Supersonic Flight areas
  • 27 laser designation-training targets
  • Joint air/land/maritime forces training opportunities
  • Tactical transport flying and paradrops
  • Low-level routes for tactical transport ingress
  • All weather Terrain Following Radar (TFR) operations from takeoff to landing

Air-to-ground weapons range

  • Inert conventional and precision guided (laser) munitions up to 2,000 pounds
  • Forward Air Control (FAC) training with a variable target spectrum
  • Special Forces training and composite Special Force/Fighter operation

Expeditionary forces

  • Capacity for large-scale exercises
  • Availability of air and sea deployment and support
  • A tradition of multinational training operations
  • Realistic deployment conditions in a variety of terrains

Environmental training

  • Arctic winter training and trials
  • Summer desert-sand conditions

Special forces training

  • Summer and winter training
  • Live-fire ranges
  • Parachute training
  • Mountain flying
  • Wilderness survival
  • Urban operations
  • Working with irregular/indigenous forces

Other military training opportunities

  • Sniper training in remote, unobserved areas
  • Paradrops: personnel and equipment
  • Aircrew survival/escape and evasion training
  • Combat Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Summer and winter survival training in tundra and boreal forest

Mission support facilities

  • Briefing/debriefing facilities for composite air operations
  • Hangars for fighter and transport aircraft
  • Locally based Combat Support/ SAR unit
  • Test and evaluation support facilities
  • Port access for joint operations training or logistical support

Excellent accommodations, meals and facilities

  • High-quality accommodations for more than
  • 1,000 personnel
  • Meals served in the Allied Forces Dining Hall
  • Fully equipped fitness centre
  • Golf course
  • Winter sports opportunities (snowmobiling, skiing)
  • Unmatched fishing opportuities
  • Medical and dental facilities available

The local community: Happy Valley - Goose Bay

  • A friendly community
  • Hotels, restaurants, shopping, local Aboriginal crafts
  • Wilderness tourism oppportunities and outfitters available
  • Aboriginal peoples pursue traditional hunting and harvesting throughout the region
  • Wildlife species abound

Contact information

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International Training Program


Telephone: 613-998-7889

Fax: 613-992-0065

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