Air Combat Systems Officer Course

The primary function of the Air Combat Systems Officer (ACSO) is to plan, coordinate and direct the tactical missions of their aircraft and crew in a highly dynamic environment in order to achieve military objectives. ACS Officers often direct and coordinate the tactical activities of other units to achieve operational objectives. They employ precision tactical navigation systems, sophisticated sensors, communication systems, electronic warfare equipment and weapon delivery systems.

Missions that ACS Officers may lead include:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Anti-Submarine Operations
  • Maritime Surface Surveillance and Targeting
  • Sovereignty and Fisheries Patrols
  • Counter-Narcotics Operations
  • Tactical Airlift
  • Air-to-Air Refueling
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Combined Operations with Foreign Militaries
  • Electronic Warfare (EW) Training and Support
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operations

Course outline

The course is comprised of two phases including 140 hours of simulator instruction and 65 hours of flight training on the CT-142 Dash 8:

  • Basic Phase - This phase will introduce basic aviation concepts and routine duties such as flight/route planning, en route performance monitoring, departure/approach monitoring, and en route communications. This phase will also include nine hours of Introductory Flight Training on the Grob G120A
  • Tactical Phase - This phase will introduce tactical concepts such as mission planning, tactical communications, and employment of the aircraft in a combat environment to accomplish mission objectives

Course capacity / rank

The course is run with a maximum of eight students and is available normally to junior officers, lieutenants and captains.


The language of instruction will be English. Reference material will be provided in English and French to the extent possible. Written examinations will be provided in English and French.

Course duration / frequency

1 Canadian Forces Flying Training School (1CFFTS) has designed the course to consist of 145 training days and is given 6 times a year.


The course is conducted by 402 Squadron, at 17 Wing, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

ACSO video

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