Aircraft Structures Technician Course

The aim of this program is to train technicians to perform all tasks required of an Aircraft Structures Technician, Apprentice Level. The Aircraft Structures Technician is a specialist in aerospace materials, with skills in high tolerance metal work and composite repair, machining, welding, aircraft refinishing and painting, textile repairs and corrosion control. Speciality skills can include special metals welding advanced composite repair and special purpose machining. This technician’s tasks include inspections (of aircraft and equipment), designing, manufacturing, fabricating, cutting, fitting, removals and installations, and repairs.

Course outline

The Aircraft Structures Technician Apprentice course is designed to take unskilled junior ranks, introduce them to basic tools and the aircraft maintenance environment and develop them in the full range of their trade duties. Instruction is provided by a combination of lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises using the school’s equipment and facilities. Major activity areas covered in the course are:

  • Carrying out inspections of aircraft structures and related components;
  • Fixing defects by repair or replacement using unique aircraft fastening hardware, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, composite materials, chemicals, adhesives, paints and textiles;
  • Manufacturing and installing aircraft structural components required for prototype modifications and projects;
  • Welding base metals, alloys and casting materials, using oxyacetylene, electrical arc, inert gas and resistance welding techniques and equipment;
  • Manufacturing original aircraft equipment, components or replacement items from base metals using special cutting tools, engine lathe and milling machines;
  • Fabricating or repairing aircraft structures using composite, fiberglass, textiles, leather, plastic and synthetic components;
  • Carrying out corrosion control inspection of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, on and off aircraft structures;
  • Preparing and maintaining aircraft forms and statistical data;
  • Performing aircraft handling tasks which include parking, towing, marshalling, starting, refueling, cleaning and de-icing; and
  • Operating Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment.

Course capacity / rank

The course is normally run with six to twelve candidates. Candidates are normally of the rank of Private or other Junior Non-Commissioned Officers.

Course prerequisites

Candidates must be capable of communicating and taking all instruction in English or French.

Course duration / frequency

The Course is conducted 5 times a year and the duration of this course is approximately 197 training days (nine months).


The Aircraft Structures Technician Training is conducted at 16 Wing, at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering (CFSATE) located at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden, just north of Toronto, Ontario.

Aircraft Structures Technician Video

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