Aviation Systems Technician Course

The aim of this program is to train technicians to perform all tasks required of an Aviation Systems Technician, Apprentice Level. Aviation Systems Technicians are members of the aircraft servicing and maintenance team who handle aircraft, ground equipment and associated support facilities.

Course outline

The Aviation Systems Technician Apprentice course is designed to introduce the students to basic tools and the aircraft maintenance environment and develop them in the full range of their trade duties. By the end of training the apprentice will be able to assess a technical problem and determine a plan to make the repairs. Instruction is provided by a combination of lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises using the school’s equipment and facilities. Major subject areas covered in the course are:

  • technical administration
  • tools and equipment
  • aircraft servicing
  • operation of general purpose vehicles
  • aircraft wiring repair
  • aviation electrical and electronic theory
  • airframe and related systems
  • aircraft electrical systems and related components
  • aircraft weapon systems and related components
  • gas turbine engines and related systems
  • aircraft life support systems and related components

Course capacity / rank

The course is normally run with minimum fourteen to maximum twenty candidates. Candidates are normally of the rank of Private or other Junior Non-Commissioned Officers.

Course prerequisites

Candidates must be capable of communicating and taking all instruction in English or French.

Course duration

The Course is conducted 7 times a year and the duration of this course is approximately 191 training days (nine months).


The Aviation Systems Technician training is conducted at 16 Wing, at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering (CFSATE) located at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden, just north of Toronto, Ontario.

Aviation Systems Technician video

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