Operational Test and Evaluation Project Officer Course

The aim of the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) Project Officer Course is to provide OT&E Project Officers with the knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently estimate, plan, conduct and report on OT&E projects.

Course outline

Participants are involved in a number of practical exercises during the course in order to gain a deeper understanding of the OT&E process from the project estimate through to the production of the final report.

The major areas to be covered in the course are:

  • Producing a project estimate
  • Producing a test plan
  • Conduct OT&E of an aerospace system / equipment
  • Producing a final report

Instruction will be a combination of lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and practical exercises. Upon successful completion of this course, the trainee shall receive the qualification of Operational Test and Evaluation Project Officer.

Course duration / frequency

The OT&E Project Officer course is 14 training days in length and is conducted two times per year.

Course capacity / rank

Course capacity is 20 students per serial. Preferred minimum rank is Captain who should be at least on his/her second tour.


In order to be selected for this training, the trainee shall:

  • Be employed or selected for employment as an OT&E project officer, or in a position responsible for personnel who conduct OT&E
  • Be the rank Captain to Major
  • Have a degree suitable for avionics testing or equivalent operational experience


The OT&E course is conducted by the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies at 17 Wing, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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