Flying a drone in the Halifax Regional Municipality

On June 1, 2019 new Transport Canada regulations came into effect. Ensure you know the rules.

The ‘No Drone Zones’

Most of the Halifax Regional Municipality is a “No Drone Zone” due to the number of Heliports. The shaded areas on the map below shows the “No Drone Zones”. These zones include 1.6 kilometres around each heliport and the Class D controlled airspace, Shearwater Control Zone. The Shearwater Control Zone is a circular zone of 5NM (9.3KM) encompassing portions of Montague Gold Mines to the north, Lawrencetown to the east, Long Lake to the west, and Approaches into Halifax Harbour to the south. There are no Basic Operations allowed within the Control Zone, only Advanced Operations. If operating within 4.8KM of Shearwater Airfield a Special Flight Operators Certificate (SFOC) is required.

If you have any doubt refer to the Drone Flight Site Selection Tool or contact one of our specialists.

No drone zone map

Contact information

If you have a valid drone Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations and want to fly your registered marked drone in the Shearwater Control Zone please contact 12 Wing Operations to begin the approval process.

For more information on the rules, regulations, and restrictions on operating a drone within Canadian airspace, please visit the following websites:

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