16 Wing Chief Warrant Officer

Chief Warrant Officer Lisa Harvey, CD

Chief Warrant Officer Lisa Harvey, CD

Chief Warrant Officer Lisa Harvey is a native of Halifax, N.S., and enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Traffic Technician in 1985. Following graduation from trade training in January 1986, she was posted to Canadian Forces Base Summerside, PEI.

She was then posted to 1 Air Movements Unit (AMU) in Edmonton from 1992 to 1994 and was employed in the mobile air movements and cargo sections. She participated in numerous airlift rodeos as well as tactical, domestic and international exercises around the world. Upon the relocation of 1 AMU to Winnipeg, she was posted to the year-long French course in Valcartier.

CWO Harvey expressed interest in becoming a Loadmaster and was subsequently posted to 2 Air Movements Squadron in 1995 to pre-position for course loading and selection to a flying squadron. In 1999, after four years of hard work and dedication, the Career Manager granted her wish and she was selected for Loadmaster training on the CC-130H Hercules and posted to 436 Transport Squadron. Upon promotion to Sergeant in 2001, she was posted to 429 Transport Squadron and continued flying duties on the CC-130H Hercules as a trainer and a standards check Loadmaster until 2005 when the Squadron was disbanded and its members joined 436 Transport Squadron. In 2006 she was promoted to Warrant Officer and was selected to join the Transport Rescue Standards Evaluation Team in Trenton where she assumed the duties of Loadmaster Standards for transport, Search and Rescue, air-to-air refuelling, and tactical airlift.

In 2010 she was promoted to the rank of Master Warrant Officer and returned to 436 Squadron CC-130J Hercules only this time taking on the role of Loadmaster Leader. While employed as a Loadmaster, CWO Harvey accumulated over 3,500 flying hours with 1,000 of those taking place in tactical theatre operations on various tours to Afghanistan.

In 2013 she was offered the CSM of the Traffic Tech Training Cadre position at the Canadian Forces Logistic Training Center (CFLTC) in Borden. She was posted to that position for one year and promoted to her current rank of Chief Warrant Officer and posted as Career Manager for Postal Clerks and Traffic Technicians at Director General Military Careers (DGMC) in Ottawa.

27 July 2016, CWO Harvey was honoured to assume the appointment of 429 Transport Squadron CWO. Two years at one of the RCAF’s fastest moving Squadrons was exhilarating and working for such a dynamic, creative and missioned focused group of people was truly a pleasure.

15 June 2018, marks the appointment date to which CWO Harvey will be granted the position of 16 Wing CWO. She is honoured to have been selected for this appointment and proud to serve the RCAF men and women in this capacity.