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Magazine Article / January 4, 2021

The production rollout of the Monitor/Military Administrative Support System (Monitor/MASS) Electronic Technical Authorization Record Set (ETARS) software module was formally achieved on September 15, 2020. The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), like other L1s, has already been using Military Command Software (MCS) Monitor/MASS for several military administrative functions, including: personnel records, personnel taskings, recruiting, establishment management, training history and Reserve employment requirements. Requests from the Aircraft Maintenance Branch (AMB) to improve the means by which we administer, monitor, and report technician authorizations drove the development of the MM ETARS module.  1 Canadian Air Division (1 CAD) Air Maintenance Standards worked jointly with Military Command Software (MCS) Centre to design, develop, test and implement the new module, replacing Guardian as the official tracking system of record for technician authorizations.

Transitioning from direct input to Guardian, the previous software tracking program, the implementation of the new ETARS module will improve the method by which RCAF fleets track, grant and manage technician authorizations.


 “It infinitely improves the ability for SAMS [Senior Aircraft Maintenance Supervisors] to manage air tech authorizations within their respective RCAF units through improved interface and streamlined access for members within the Air Maintenance Branch,” said Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Paul Nolan, AMB CWO.

Users across the RCAF’s maintenance community will find that this new module will reduce the administration required of their technicians in the course of their jobs, allowing them more time to actually work on airframes and will provide easier access to timely information.


"We will continue to move forward on developing the MCS Monitor/MASS capability, which will provide improved data and allow better use of it, as well as pursue more RCAF-specific projects to improve the working life of our people and ultimately make us a better organization,” said Colonel Mark Larsen, Director Air Personal Strategy. “Bravo Zulu to all who were involved in supporting the development of ETARS for the air maintenance community.”

Questions can be directed to Maj Robert Johnston and the Air Maintenance Standards team at: +Air Maint Stds@A4 Maint@Winnipeg  or AirMaintStds@forces.gc.ca

Military Command Software (MCS), and in particular, Monitor/Military Administrative Support System (Monitor/MASS), originated as a Canadian army developed and maintained software system designed to provide administrative personnel and supervisors with the essential tools for personnel administration, screening, qualification, training history and day-to-day personnel management of all Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces members.  MCS has since expanded its suite of tools and has become a system of networked software applications that powerfully manage our workforce.

The future plan for the Aircraft Maintenance Branch is to integrate with MCS in the development of Authorization Health Reporting.  For this next phase of the project, MCS will facilitate consistent and accurate reports for tactical, operational, and strategic level decision makers in the management of the branch.  Having these reports at the click of a button (drawing from databases that MCS now owns as the official system of record) will replace thousands of person-hours of manual and unsynchronized reporting at all levels.

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