22 Wing participates in international virtual exercise

News Article / December 10, 2019

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While members of 404 Long Range Patrol and Training Squadron were participating in Exercise Coalition Virtual Flag 19-4 from Greenwood, Nova Scotia, personnel from 22 Wing were also taking part from North Bay, Ontario.

By Captain Leah Pierce

From September 9 to 20, 2019, 14 members of 22 Wing/Canadian Forces Base North Bay, Ontario—home of the Canadian Air Defence Sector (CADS)—took part in Exercise  Coalition Virtual Flag 19-4 (CVF), a worldwide synthetic training exercise replicating major battlefield operations.

Although CVF runs four times per year, with the fourth serial open to international participants, this is the second time that the exercise has been executed from 22 Wing and the first time from the recently-operational Mission Training Centre.

Exercise CVF takes place in a virtual environment meant to prepare war fighters for combat situations through operational integration of forces. During this year’s exercise, members of the CADS were provided with a unique integration opportunity that included multiple mission areas executed within the Sergeant David L. Pitcher Building.

“By utilising the Mission Training Centre during Exercise Coalition Virtual Flag 19-4, it allowed for a fully functioning mission crew to participate in the exercise, enabling the next generation of air battle managers and aerospace control operators to better prepare to conduct the NORAD mission at home and deployed operations abroad,” explained Colonel Mark Lachapelle, commander of 22 Wing.

Exercise CVF 19-4 included four nations: Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia represented by the Royal Canadian Air Force, United States Air Force, Royal Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force.

In its 19th year, Exercise CVF is part of an annual coalition training opportunity, confirming interoperability and practicing defence procedures that allows participants to experience mission parameters that include air, ground, maritime, space, cyber and intelligence by using simulations and virtual technology in a cost-effective manner.


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