Anniversary of the Air Operations Support Technician Occupation

Magazine Article / July 8, 2020 / Project number: RCAF-Excelsior-Summer-2020-6

The first Reserve-only occupation in the Royal Canadian Air Force marks its first official anniversary on 30 June, 2020. Congratulations to all our Air Operations Support Technicians! What began as a dream four years ago has become a viable innovation for Canada's Air Force. Today we have AOS Techs at 8 Wing Trenton in Ontario and at 19 Wing Comox in British Columbia, and we are extremely pleased to announce that we have now opened the doors to accept AOS Techs at nearly all of our wings and squadrons across Canada.

Get the word out: we are recruiting AOS Techs!

To the great Canadians who answered the call to join the RCAF Reserve and embark on the challenge of being an AOS Tech, and on behalf of all members of the RCAF, we wish you a Happy First Birthday and welcome you to the RCAF family.

Lieutenant-General A.D. Meinzinger, Commander RCAF

Chief Warrant Officer J.R.D. Gaudreault, RCAF Chief Warrant Officer

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