RCAF Journal - FALL 2019 - Volume 8, Issue 4

In this Issue:

  • Editor's Message
    Lieutenant-Colonel Doug Moulton, CD, MBA
  • Boxtop 22: The Cost of Focusing On an Operational Culture
    Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Rozema-Seaton
  • Space Integration: How to Incorporate Space Data into Air Operations to Ensure the Royal Canadian Air Force Remains Credible and Relevant
    Captain Melissa Chandler
  • Learning Analytics
    Major David Dunwoody, CD
  • Armed drones in the targeting process: A way for Canada to distinguish itself internationally
    Major Martin Voyer, CD, MDS

Points of Interest:

  • Machine Learning: Automating Organizational Processes to Optimize Human Resources
    Captain C. D. McGregor

Pushing the Envelope:

  • The Dynamism of Space Exposes American Policy Gaps in Conflict Escalation
    Sergeant Simon D. H. Wells

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