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Report / June 17, 2019 / Project number: CC130J608 Paratrooper Accident - A Category

Location: Near the Sadovo Airfield, Bulgaria, N4207.005 E02458.797
Date: 17 June 2019
Status: Investigation Ongoing

The occurrence flight was part of Exercise Swift Response 2019, a joint multinational airborne field training exercise led by the United States. The exercise involved a total of 5,600 troops from eight different nations, including Canada. The exercise was taking place at various locations in Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania and was running from 11 to 24 June 2019.

Aircraft CC130J608 departed Ramstein, Germany, enroute to the drop zone near the Sadovo Airfield Bulgaria (Cheshnegirovo Air Base). The mission was to conduct a night static line paratroop jump. The troops were dispatched from an altitude of 1000 feet above ground level (AGL) using both the starboard and port side paratroop doors.  During the jump, a paratrooper on the starboard side became hung-up outside the aircraft and subsequently experienced a sudden static line failure which resulted in an uncontrolled descent. The paratrooper sustained fatal injuries.  

The investigation is focusing on materiel and human factors.

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